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First, there is breath. Breathing must be easy and deep. Anticipation must not intefere with steady respiration.

There are ingredients. Pyrite and charcoal, left hand and right hand.

There are words, the words of incantation. These must be spoken in steady rhythm, following the rhythm of breathing. They must be spoken clearly and loudly.

There is energy, as the words are spoken. This energy will build inside, and must not be allowed to alter the rhythm of the words. Concentration must be split between the words and the containment of the energy until the end.

There is a target. The target and the energy must be linked together in mind. Consciousness must feature only these things, the words, the energy, the target. Words, energy, target. The energy wants to reach the target. The words are the means. Energy via words to target.

There is timing. As the last word is spoken, bring the pyrite and the charcoal together. With the target in focus, release the energy through the hands. Uncoil it, let it emerge from its container, let it flow from its source. Promise it freedom in return for following the path. Let it come forth.

Finally, there is flame.

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