‘One Day’

23:54 Sat 21 Jul 2007. Updated: 01:25 22 Jul 2007
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“Have I mentioned that I love you?”

“Mmmm… once or twice.”
I kissed her and said, “It’s still true.”
She wrinkled her nose at me and said, “Lucky I still love you too, then.” And smiled. Smiled that gorgeous smile, and it was another glorious day, one bathed in light from the inside out.
We grinned at each other and kissed again, a kiss warm and deep, a kiss signifying languorous joy.

“It’s a shame it’s a work day.”
“Yes… but we don’t have to work tonight.”
“We’ll have to hold that thought.”
“Then how am I supposed to get any work done?”
“What seems more important right now?”
I traced circles on the small of her back, and regretfully nodded towards the door. She moved past me, tracing her fingers along my neck as she did, and we got our coats on.

The day was appropriately sunny, if cold. Winter’s onset didn’t touch us, and we went hand in hand. Just like every day, I walked her to the S-Bahn station, and at the steps we kissed again, briefly.
“Love you.”
“You too, my pretty.”
A smirk, and we parted, happy.

But that was the day she met him.

(200 words)

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