Friday Night Driving Map

23:26 Sat 12 May 2007. Updated: 02:31 13 May 2007
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I’m a big fan of Google Maps, but haven’t played around with it too much until recently. As far as I know it’s still prohibitively difficult to use waypoints for driving directions, but the the “My Maps” function lets you draw lines and set “placemarks”, which are useful for illustrative purposes. So I decided to map out the driving I did last night.

I ended up driving a bunch of different people around, wandering between a dinner, dropping off dinner companions, picking up pool companions, and then going to play pool with my brother for his birthday, and then dropping off the people I’d assumed transport responsibility for. Sufficient peregrinations, I thought, to warrant a map, and making maps these days is relatively easy. Google has the full map, and here’s a pic of it:

Friday Night Driving Journey Map
Full Map

The evening involved playing pool at Family Billiards, which was fun, but included some of the worst pool I’ve played in a long, long time. It’s probably down to lack of practice, but pool is one of those games where you have off nights, so maybe it was mainly that and my skills haven’t deteriorated that badly. After the pool, more driving.

I didn’t make it up Twin Peaks, or Coit Tower, or along the Embarcadero, or Ocean Beach, but I did end up covering a fair amount of the city. I don’t mind the driving, and am happy to pay off driving karma.

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