SF Heat

22:09 Tue 24 Aug 2010
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The temperature in San Francisco hit 101° Fahrenheit today, the hottest it’s been since May 2001. I’m not comfortable at such high temperatures, and was pretty sluggish all day.

I prefer it in the 70s and 80s. I do love it when it’s warm at night, and should really be taking advantage this evening by being out somewhere, but I’m just too tired—worn out by the heat, and perhaps by doing CrossFit and Conditioning today. Doing both might have been excessive, and some people did warn me… but I didn’t heed them. The room we did Conditioning in was incredibly stuffy, and I couldn’t get enough oxygen; I kept having to leave between sets because I had to get fresh air, something that doesn’t normally happen to me.

Cycling in this weather wasn’t as bad as I feared, primarily because I managed to keep mostly in the shade, and also because there was some wind. Walking in it, though, was tough. Going outside felt like entering an oven.

It didn’t help that I wasn’t thinking too clearly this morning and wore long pants instead of shorts.

It’s not supposed to last, and in fact the temperature is forecast to drop to 61° by Friday—a 40° difference over four days.

One of the reasons San Francisco suits me is because days like this are rare. Generally it’s temperate here, and apparently I require that. On the other hand, I didn’t mind the cold in Berlin that much—at least not the cold outside—so maybe it’s heat I have struggle with most. Heat, and the cold damp of Ireland.

At Sectionals in March I also wilted in the heat, and that’s one of the reasons I thought I should do Conditioning on top of CrossFit today—I should take my opportunities to work out in those conditions because it’s the only way to improve. Maybe I need to find a training camp somewhere really hot and go there for a while, something that Agassi and Federer have both touted.

Right now, however, that thought is not appealing at all.

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