November/December Blogging

23:54 Fri 01 Dec 2006. Updated: 16:31 01 Jan 2007
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Well, I made it through November still posting every day, after managing to finish The Annotated Fantasy Bedtime Hour.

After AFBH, I decided on posts with two restrictions: I had to write them in thirty minutes or less, and I had to write them in E-Prime—English without the verb “to be”.

I found posting in thirty minutes or less difficult some of the time, but a good limitation. (And something of a relief after the three or so hours per post for AFBH.) I thought the E-Prime limitation was quite hard but also interesting. I might return to that at some point in the future, but I’m taking a break from it for a while.

My favorite post-AFBH posts from November:
Los Angeles Photos, because I like the photos and I’m happy with ThickBox, the library I use to present those photos.
‘Announcement’, because I’m happy with the story.
Gaming and Temper, because I thought it captured very well what I was feeling/thinking about the issue at the time.
Power to the Users, because it expresses well why I like HTML and open technologies.
Handling Multiple AJAX Requests, because the technique is interesting to me and, I suspect, useful. I had already posted that day, freeing this article from the thirty-minute limit.

In December, I’m going to stick with the thirty-minute limit, and remain without any thematic restriction. And I will continue to post every day.

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