‘Flow Episode’

23:45 Wed 29 Nov 2006
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I survey the board calmly, without needing to. I know what resides there. I know the available possibilities. I draw a card, and add its potential to what I hold already.

The cards themselves appear muted, but the abstractions they represent shine brightly. These abstractions have almost shape-like characteristics, and interlock with each other variously. Playing with the puzzle, I try different combinations.

The options inherent in these combinations emanate from their represenations onto the board, almost visible. Lines of force, chains of inevitability, circles of pressure. All these overlap, felt by each player—but I discern and understand them keenly indeed.

With the board, and my hand, and the potentialities of my opponent’s hand, my mind moves along the sets of interlocking near-shapes. Like a tongue along teeth, probing for the weaknesses, the flaws. From here, how can I lose? What unwanted realms can my opponent instantiate, with what cards, along which chains of action?

I ineluctably move the game state away from them. Probabilities dwindle for my opponent. Ways out become unlikely, then deeply improbable, finally ridiculous.

I see all of it. The forces at play, the possibilities, the odds. I encompass the game, and nothing else intrudes.

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