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Muir Woods Photos

19:19 15 Jan 2007

Last July, I went to Muir Woods (finally!) and took these photos

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Vico Road Photos

17:08 07 Jan 2007

On New Year’s Eve, Sharon and I went to one of my favorite spots in Dublin, the White Rock beach near Vico Road in Dalkey.

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Montara Beach Photos

20:50 10 Dec 2006

Over the last few months I’ve done some midnight drives to Montara Beach, and today decided I’d find out what it looked like during the day. I arrived around sunset and took some photos.

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Hawk Hill Cycle

23:53 18 Nov 2006. Updated: 03:07 19 Nov 2006

For the past few Saturdays, I’ve joined Seth on his cycle to Hawk Hill, located in the Marin Headlands.

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Los Angeles Photos

17:08 05 Nov 2006. Updated: 08:47 07 Nov 2006

I went to Los Angeles last weekend, visiting my friends Brian and Anne. While there I used my camera for the first time in months, and I post some of the better shots below.

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