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Vim and tmux in OS X

12:30 26 Aug 2012

I’ve been experimenting with using terminal Vim[1] in a tmux environment recently. I like it as a programming setup, primarily because of the ease with which I can set up new workspaces[2] and switch between them—without, of course, having to move my hands off the keyboard. I did encounter some annoyances along the way, and my solutions for them are included below.

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Spit (AKA Speed/Slam/Stress)

20:15 19 Aug 2012

Spit is a two-player card game played with a standard 52-card deck. It is a game of speed, and is conceptually similar to a competitive two-player version of patience. The rules I lay out below are close to the Irish two-handed version, with minor tweaks that evolved along with intense play of the game. This is one of my favorite card games.

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New Laptop Setup Steps

23:54 12 Aug 2012

I haven’t written about how I configure a new machine since mid-2007, so this will be both about the new setup and about how it compares to that one.

The new machine is a Mac laptop running Mountain Lion, as opposed to the Windows desktop I set up five years ago[1].

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Murray Beats Federer for Olympics Singles Gold

22:12 05 Aug 2012

Andy Murray beat Roger Federer in a best-of-five-sets match for the first time today, comprehensively defeating him 6–2, 6–1, 6–4. That is Britain’s first men’s singles tennis gold medal in over a century, although that gap is less meaningful given that tennis was absent from the Olympics for an extended period. It was certainly an impressive feat for Murray, who went through both of the top two players in the world in order to win.

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