Banksy Starts The Simpsons

23:50 Fri 15 Oct 2010
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You’ve probably seen this already, as it’s gotten a fair amount of publicity, but just in case:

I love the closing shot, and the overall idea is pretty good, but… there’s something unnerving about it. I know it’s The Simpsons, but still, they go so over the top with it that it undermines serious critique. Is that the point? Is it supposed to undermine that critique? Or is it supposed to power it? Should we be happy because it got on television, or sad because it’s unlikely to make any difference whatsoever? Happier because this particular apparent scathing attack on global capitalism was brought to me by the United Mileage Visa Signature card?

3 Responses to “Banksy Starts The Simpsons

  1. Graham Says:

    I’d rather see a full episode about the Korean sweatshop in which they reportedly make The Simpsons, instead of the brief references they made to it previously and this cloying intro.

  2. alex Says:

    capitalism appears to be not that global, hulu won’t play here, eugh!

  3. Tadhg Says:

    Graham: Sure, but that would be rather more documentary-style than The Simpsons usually gets, right? Also, it would be a lot harder to make popular and funny, two things evidently uppermost in their minds.

    Alex (and any other overseas readers): Sorry about that! I picked Hulu because it seemed like the most stable place to point at, as I thought any YouTube versions would be taken down rapidly. (Incidentally, the restrictions really annoy me, and not just for the usual reasons—this is essentially an ad for The Simpsons, and it’s in Fox’s interest for it to be spread anywhere people want to spread it.)

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