Consumer Serendipity

16:00 Thu 29 Jul 2010
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Two weeks ago I wrote about having difficulties finding a wallet to match my somewhat specific requirements. Today, while looking for something else, I found one that matched almost perfectly—it’s like a cheap clone of my earlier wallet.

This is the wallet, but I rather doubt that any of you will be particularly impressed, unless you share my criteria for good wallets. Perhaps more surprising is that I found another one in the same section that was almost as good. Leather, and more attractive, but with a fastened coin pouch instead of zippered. Almost good enough, so I grabbed that one as well.

I would never have guessed that Thomas Nash and John Rocha, at Debenhams, were where I should look. A number of you gave good advice in my previous post (and some of you concluded the problem was not with wallets, manufacturers, or the market, but rather with crazy Tadhg), but none of you suggested just getting them from Debenham’s… which I don’t really fault you for. This does strongly suggest that the problem is one of discoverability, and that the answer to issues like this is indeed to push manufacturers and retailers to use common schemas.

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