How Not to Spell “Gibraltar”

23:57 Sun 13 Dec 2009. Updated: 01:09 14 Dec 2009
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Proofreading appears to be appreciated less and less, a trend I’m not fond of in the least. I’m all for more democratic and widespread content production, but I still think that professional publications and media outlets should distinguish themselves at least in part by having good copy editors and proofreaders.

Various trends seem to be pushing against that idea, and it leads to egregious errors like this:

Sure, it’s just The Times. But it’s The Times referring to a British Territory, in a headline—how do they have anyone on their staff who doesn’t know how to spell “Gibraltar[*], and why do they allow that person near their content?

[*] Worse, who doesn’t know how to spell it and also doesn’t know that they don’t know, so that they don’t look it up before writing it into the headline.

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