Literacy and Online Life

14:10 Tue 22 Sep 2009. Updated: 19:51 24 Sep 2009
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I always thought that the explosion of personal writing (email, instant messaging, blogging, microblogging) as the internet has gained acceptance would of necessity lead to an improvement in writing skills; it’s difficult to see how a massive increase in the amount of writing people do would fail to have that impact.

Indeed, the Stanford Study of Writing documents just such an improvement, as Clive Thompson reports in Wired. (Via SarahM.)

Despite voice communication, video, and online gaming, the internet is still primarily a text environment, and will continue to be so. The technical restrictions that forced it to be almost text-only at first may have been around just long enough to force a sufficient mass of people to use text and realize how powerful and efficient a medium it can be—a realization limited to a vastly smaller number of people in the pre-online era.

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  1. 2BiT Says:

    Is that an ironic typo? Cos if it’s not it’s pretty funny :D

  2. Tadhg Says:

    Not ironic—guilty of a typo in a bad post for a typo! Fixed now.

  3. 2BiT Says:

    I’m such a pendant ;) hope ya had fun hunting it!

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