Part of God’s Plan… For Alaska!

23:57 Thu 04 Sep 2008. Updated: 17:51 28 Jan 2009
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I don’t agree with a lot of the criticisms of Sarah Palin, particularly those focused on her gender, the fact that she has a family, the fact that her daughter is pregnant, or the fact that she “lacks foreign policy experience” (that last one is basically code for “is a committed raving imperialist”). Of course, I can’t stand her policies at all,and her religiosity is disturbing.

Not just the fact that she spoke at her church claiming that the invasion/occupation of Iraq was part of “God’s Plan”, or that her pastor essentially said that anyone not voting the right way in the 2004 election was going to hell. Those things are truly noteworthy, even if commentators in this country tend to ignore them. But my impression of her church, and hence her, wasn’t helped at all by the following creepy videos about a “discipleship program” connected to that church.

What makes it even worse, for me, is that these are promos meant to attract members… meaning that they’re probably effective, and that some people are attracted by them rather than repelled by the clearly ridiculous self-mythologizing, the wishful apocalyptic thinking, and the obvious authoritarianism.

(Really, who are they going for with the stoner shots from 00:18 to 00:20?)

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