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SF Novel Second Draft Update C13

23:51 04 Dec 2007. Updated: 02:00 05 Dec 2007

Paraphrased from an episode of The Wire I watched earlier (when I should have been editing): “Make your number, or die in this room.” For tonight, at least, I made my number.
Word count: 69259

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NIE: Good News?

23:50 04 Dec 2007. Updated: 02:00 05 Dec 2007

Another short post, I’m still not feeling great. My initial reaction to the recent NIE on Iran was that it was good news, because it made an attack on Iran less likely.

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SF Novel Second Draft Update C13 Not Yet Done

23:58 03 Dec 2007

Thirteen doesn’t appear to be lucky today. Not that much to do, but it’s currently beyond me.

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Naked Racism

23:55 03 Dec 2007. Updated: 21:50 18 Mar 2009

Short post today, I’m not feeling well. I’ll just point you to Jonathon Schwarz’s note regarding how National Review acknowledged serious errors in a piece of theirs reporting on Lebanon.

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SF Novel Second Draft Update C12

03:12 03 Dec 2007

I think I can see the finish line.
Word count: 63926

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Second Draft Not Quite There

23:58 02 Dec 2007. Updated: 22:37 23 Jun 2013

Obviously, I didn’t finish the second draft in November. I didn’t manage it by the end of this weekend, either. I’m close. Very close, probably about six thousand words of writing away, which isn’t too bad given the target of eighty thousand.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t finish it today (or Friday, but an extra weekend wasn’t too bad). I’ll try to finish it tomorrow, but it looks unlikely, unless I get some serious inspiration for what those six thousand words should be… the end of the first draft is a little more sparse than I had thought. I need about an extra thousand words for Chapter Thirteen, and an extra two-and-a-half thousand each for Fourteen and Fifteen. Certainly doable, but not tonight.

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SF Novel Second Draft Update C11

18:29 02 Dec 2007

Four to go.
Word count: 58594

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SF Novel Second Draft Update C10

19:59 01 Dec 2007

Done. Five to go.
Word count: 53262

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