Favorite Books of 1997

18:24 Fri 25 Aug 2006. Updated: 05:46 23 Aug 2009
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Just like the last one, this is somewhat late… although almost a year less so. Because I stopped keeping track of the books I read for most of that year, this list of recommendations is going to be rather short.

Galatea 2.2, Richard Powers (17/10/1997)

I really liked this, and thought it was very clever.

The Crossing, Cormac McCarthy (14/11/1997)

Sadly, I don’t remember this too well, just that I liked it, but felt that it paled in comparison to Blood Meridian, which I regard very highly.

City of Glass, Paul Auster (19/12/1997)

I remember thinking this was excellent, and quite liking Auster’s prose style. I was also fascinated by the text’s explorations of identity, and impressed by the atmosphere.

Those are the only books that I remember as recommendation-worthy. A short list, but after 1997, I have lists of all the books I read, so later "Favorite Books of" posts will have more to them.

Since I have it, here’s a list of books I read between October and December, 1997:

  1. Galatea 2.2, Richard Powers (17/10/1997)
  2. Rage of a Demon King, Raymond E. Feist (21/10/1997)
  3. Quantum Psychology, Robert Anton Wilson (30/10/1997)
  4. The Crossing, Cormac McCarthy (14/11/1997)
  5. Masters of Time, John Boslough (18/11/1997)
  6. City of Glass, Paul Auster (19/12/1997)
  7. The Stories of Tobias Wolff, Tobias Wolff (23/12/1997)
  8. A Song of Stone, Iain Banks (25/12/1997)
  9. Parallel Thinking, Edward de Bono (30/12/1997)
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  1. NiallM Says:

    Bizarrely, the neural scientist Powers mentions in Galatea lectures in UCD. Or at least used to. He also used to write poetry!

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