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A Mix for the End

23:58 19 May 2011

With the end of the world apparently approaching fast, here’s a mashup of disaster scenarios:

Eclectic Method – The Apocamix from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

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Nadal Channels Federer?

23:50 12 May 2011. Updated: 01:07 13 May 2011

I was watching this when Nadal hit it and was rather stunned:

Absolutely amazing shot. Nadal still lost the match, however; Djokovic is playing unbelievably good and consistent tennis, and is closing on McEnroe’s record of 42 consecutive match wins to start the year.

(I do have to wonder whether Novak brings this out in his opponents.)

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The Playground, Evolved?

21:56 05 May 2011

This looks amazing. I want this to be really successful so that one opens near San Francisco. Yes, this is partly because I’m a little risk-averse for typical freerange parkour/freerunning; yes, I also know that the whole point of parkour is to reclaim urban spaces by traversing them in unorthodox ways and that hence doing them in specialized spaces is missing the point—but somewhere safe to train still seems like a good idea.

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But Can They Turn a Double Play?

23:09 21 Apr 2011

This is very cool, but my first reaction to it was one of being disturbed and slightly frightened.

I felt significantly better when I saw them miss.

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Apparently the Other Months Are Just as Bad

23:37 14 Apr 2011. Updated: 18:48 05 May 2011

Here’s March’s companion to last November’s compilation:

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Unicode: The Movie

22:47 11 Apr 2011

I’m stealing links from Andy Baio again, because for a geek like me this is just irresistible: Jörg Piringer put together a video (33 minutes long) consisting of all the displayable characters in Helvetica on OS X.

I now want to find an event/gathering for which it would be appropriate to project this, looped, onto the walls.

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Cool Without a Doubt

21:50 01 Apr 2011

This week’s gun-related amusing-but-disturbing short is—not, not “Tune for Two”, although in truth that’s probably better—“Wanna See Something Cool?”

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BoingBoing’s Classic Game Deaths

21:00 25 Mar 2011

If you haven’t seen this already, you should definitely watch it (assuming any interest in classic video games, that is).

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Realistic Sounds for Old Video Games

22:47 21 Mar 2011

Bits of this are just hilarious. The Pac-Man ghost-eating sound is probably my favorite.

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“If It Bleeds We Can Kill It”

21:02 25 Feb 2011

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Remixes All the Way Down

23:50 17 Feb 2011

I thought this was interesting (I preferred it to part one, perhaps because of my greater interest in film):

Everything is a Remix Part 2 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

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Glenn Beck On Fire

23:40 03 Feb 2011

Comedy gold. I think this guy might be funnier than Colbert.

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A Brief History of Product Placement

23:24 28 Jan 2011. Updated: 00:25 29 Jan 2011

Perhaps the ironic loop would have been complete if I had have been paid by filmdrunk.com to write this post… but no such exchange took place.

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Good Moves or Terrible Tackling?

23:22 14 Jan 2011

First up, Marshawn Lynch’s ridiculous run that sealed the crazy Seahawks upset of the Saints last weekend—with sound effects that, frankly, make the run more realistic to me than the version without them.


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Christmas Music Antidote

12:45 24 Dec 2010

I’m not a fan of Christmas music; it’s generally awful, but truly at its worst when you’re in a mall. However, the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society’s album A Very Scary Solstice works quite well as a remedy; this is probably my favorite track from it:

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Today’s Public Service Message

09:07 23 Dec 2010

I so so so wish this were satirical.

I’m really at a loss for words with this one. It’s like someone made the Platonic ideal of the “piss Tadhg off” video.

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My Conveyance is Different and Superior to Yours, Sirs

10:00 19 Dec 2010

My Irish readers are doubtless highly familiar with this; other readers, here is what (fortune willing) may become the Irish Christmas #1 Single:

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Cat Versus Christmas Tree

09:00 17 Dec 2010

It’s not as good as “Cat Man Do”, but it’s still pretty cute:

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I Wonder if the Other Months Are Just as Bad

20:27 16 Dec 2010

Lots of video this week, partly coincidental and partly because I’ve been rather busy. I don’t usually post stuff like the following, but somehow found this one oddly compelling.

Given my upcoming trip, I’m not reassured by evidence that both ice and drinking can lead to painful consequences (as can skateboarding, bike tricks, jumping off things, driving at high speed, and motorcycles).

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Inception Berlusconi

21:15 13 Dec 2010

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“We Got More” Video

16:12 12 Dec 2010

This is a fantastically trippy music video by Cyriak:

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Friday Video: Auto-Tune

21:38 10 Dec 2010

This post is especially for Garret and Nora.

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Duelling Carls

12:14 26 Nov 2010

I find this oddly compelling and disturbing:

It reminds me strongly of Jim Woodring’s work.

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