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I’ll Give You Outstanding

21:54 04 Feb 2011

“Dear Mickey,

We thought it would be interesting to learn from you what you consider your outstanding event at Yankee Stadium.”

“I got a blow-job under the right field Bleachers”

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Glenn Beck On Fire

23:40 03 Feb 2011

Comedy gold. I think this guy might be funnier than Colbert.

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A Brief History of Product Placement

23:24 28 Jan 2011. Updated: 00:25 29 Jan 2011

Perhaps the ironic loop would have been complete if I had have been paid by filmdrunk.com to write this post… but no such exchange took place.

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Christmas Music Antidote

12:45 24 Dec 2010

I’m not a fan of Christmas music; it’s generally awful, but truly at its worst when you’re in a mall. However, the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society’s album A Very Scary Solstice works quite well as a remedy; this is probably my favorite track from it:

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My Conveyance is Different and Superior to Yours, Sirs

10:00 19 Dec 2010

My Irish readers are doubtless highly familiar with this; other readers, here is what (fortune willing) may become the Irish Christmas #1 Single:

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Cat Versus Christmas Tree

09:00 17 Dec 2010

It’s not as good as “Cat Man Do”, but it’s still pretty cute:

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I Wonder if the Other Months Are Just as Bad

20:27 16 Dec 2010

Lots of video this week, partly coincidental and partly because I’ve been rather busy. I don’t usually post stuff like the following, but somehow found this one oddly compelling.

Given my upcoming trip, I’m not reassured by evidence that both ice and drinking can lead to painful consequences (as can skateboarding, bike tricks, jumping off things, driving at high speed, and motorcycles).

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Inception Berlusconi

21:15 13 Dec 2010

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Friday Video: Auto-Tune

21:38 10 Dec 2010

This post is especially for Garret and Nora.

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Duelling Carls

12:14 26 Nov 2010

I find this oddly compelling and disturbing:

It reminds me strongly of Jim Woodring’s work.

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A Little Early Holiday Cheer

23:11 23 Nov 2010

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Machinima: Freeman’s Mind

21:19 14 Nov 2010

Probably a geeks-only taste, this, but I quite enjoy it: a play-through of Half-Life with a narration of Gordon Freeman’s thoughts. Silly, but fun. I think it’s worth going through from the beginning, but the episode I watched first, and which drew me in, was 29:

(The people I was out with today might enjoy Episode 11, too.)

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Zombie Science, Ethics, and Miscellany

21:25 31 Oct 2010

I’m not a huge zombie fan, but it is Halloween, so covering the undead seems appropriate. Discover’s Science Not Fiction blog has a pretty good series on a fairly realistic approach to them, including some discussion of ethical concerns: Intro, Biology, Zombie “Death”, and Questions.

Bonus #1: “ 7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly)”, which I happen to think is accurate in its overall message.

Bonus #2: “The Running of the Dead“, a long but worthwhile political and cultural examination of the difference between “slow zombie” and “fast zombie” movies.

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Banksy Starts The Simpsons

23:50 15 Oct 2010

You’ve probably seen this already, as it’s gotten a fair amount of publicity, but just in case:

I love the closing shot, and the overall idea is pretty good, but… there’s something unnerving about it. I know it’s The Simpsons, but still, they go so over the top with it that it undermines serious critique. Is that the point? Is it supposed to undermine that critique? Or is it supposed to power it? Should we be happy because it got on television, or sad because it’s unlikely to make any difference whatsoever? Happier because this particular apparent scathing attack on global capitalism was brought to me by the United Mileage Visa Signature card?

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Dance Fortress 2

18:18 01 Oct 2010

I played Team Fortress 2 for a while and had a lot of fun with it, which may be why I really like this video:

It’s way too short, but there’s quite a lot going on—it’s worth going through a few times paying attention to each character.

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From the Mind of M. Night Shyamalan

23:44 24 Sep 2010

I thought this was hilarious:

Tangentially related, I can’t believe that Roger Ebert actually gave Signs a positive review.

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Facebook Hamlet

17:01 19 Sep 2010

Somewhat related to Friday’s post, I quite liked this rendition of Hamlet as a series of status updates.

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Fear and Stupidity Go So Well Together

23:30 13 Sep 2010

Sometimes it’s just too ridiculous: San Luis Obispo police are warning parents about Pedobear. No, not just a throwaway comment by a spokesperson. They have a flyer (two pages) about it. Amazing.

For some perspective, how about “5 Worries Parents Should Drop, And 5 They Shouldn’t”. I grant you that it doesn’t specifically mention Pedobear, but I’m pretty sure we can place that in the first list.

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The Devil’s Music

23:48 02 Sep 2010

I’ve been listening to Uptime/Downtime a lot again. Uptime is the half of it that I prefer, and I urge you to listen to it if you haven’t already. At the end of “Deeper Sand” and the start of “MKY Da HVN” is a sample of what sounds like a Christian evangelist. He mentions the line “the music is reversible, but time is not. Turn back”—which is a backmasked line from Electric Light Orchestra’s “Fire on High”.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the Matrix

22:20 27 Aug 2010

I haven’t seen the movie or read the comics, but I’m still impressed by this:

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Music is Weird

20:40 19 Aug 2010

It might just be my musical taste that’s weird, but I prefer the larger generalization.

I’ve never listened to Justin Bieber before, but apparently I quite like “U Smile” when it’s been slowed down 800%.

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This Might Make the Other Writers Jealous

21:46 16 Aug 2010

Not safe for work:

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Best Way to Quit a Job Ever

09:05 10 Aug 2010

Sliding down a chute, beer in hand.

I don’t like that he’s facing felony charges. His actions are misdemeanors at worst. I hope he doesn’t get fines or jail time.

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