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An Eldritch Reading

23:19 22 Jul 2010

I generally don’t listen to podcasts much, but I just listened to the first ten minutes or so of “The Haunter of the Dark” on HPPodcraft.com and I’m really impressed by the quality. They’ve been going for quite some time, so there are plenty of podcasts beyond that one (although many are discussions rather than readings).

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Math at the Call Center

23:44 14 Nov 2008. Updated: 17:16 28 Jan 2009

This is from late 2006, and you’ve probably seen it before, but somehow I missed it then, and I just can’t resist posting it. It’s pretty amazing, showing a level of innumeracy that I have a lot of trouble believing is real—even if it is.

Transcript of the call.
MP3 of the call.
Randall Munroe’s response to the whole thing.

It’s just crazy. A series of people who seem to have difficulty with the concept that 0.002 cents and 0.002 dollars are different. I don’t think they’re pretending to have trouble, either… they seem to actually be unable to comprehend what the customer is saying.

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Joe Frank and After Hours

17:06 27 May 2008

This was on BoingBoing, but I wanted to post a link to it anyway, partly because it’s definitely worth listening to the audio of Joe Frank’s original monologue, which was plagiarized for the beginning of Scorcese’s After Hours.

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