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KJ Parker on Siege Warfare

22:57 29 Sep 2013

I enjoyed this short treatise on the history of sieges.

Unfortunately I can’t see how to apply its precepts to writing.

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Nadal’s 13th: US Open 2013

20:17 22 Sep 2013

Just under two weeks ago[1], Rafael Nadal defeated Novak Djokovic in the US Open Men’s Final, winning his second US Open and bringing his Grand Slam title count to 13. After two sets it looked like it might be another classic match, but became a relatively straightforward four-set win.

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Discontent/Modern Grail

22:30 15 Sep 2013

For whatever reason, I’m struggling with my writing schedule at the moment, and changes I’m trying to make haven’t worked so far. Thus, this week all I have is another video:

Either I’ll figure it out and proper articles will start appearing regularly again, or I’ll have to reconsider the schedule entirely.

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Triple Cornetto

22:28 08 Sep 2013

Another light week. Have a mixture of Cornetto flavors:

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“The System”: Tropa de Elite

23:27 01 Sep 2013

Tropa de Elite and Tropa de Elite 2 – O Inimigo Agora é Outro[1] are two Brazilian crime/action movies about the drug trade and corruption in Rio de Janeiro. While fictional[2], they clearly draw upon contemporary Brazilian politics. They both follow Roberto Nascimento, who at the start of the first film is a captain in BOPE, an elite unit roughly analogous to the American SWAT squads[3].

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