Comedic Interlude

23:34 Sun 21 Jul 2013
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No proper post this week. You might be interested in Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which I just discovered and find oddly entertaining. Some is hit-and-miss, but for the most part it’s good.

I’m not sure why, but I tend to like hearing comedians talk about their work—sometimes I prefer listening to them in more relaxed situations than doing what’s generally considered comedy. I prefer the prospect of watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to the prospect of watching episodes of Seinfeld that I haven’t seen, and I’m not sure why.

You might also like Talking Funny, a discussion about comedy featuring Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Louis CK, and Ricky Gervais.

2 Responses to “Comedic Interlude”

  1. jeffliveshere Says:

    Have you seen “Comedian”–a doc about Seinfeld starting new after the TV show ended, doing stand up. I liked it a lot, and it has a lot of comedians talking about comedy. Talking funny looks awesome–I’m glad they were able to find four male comedians; I get so bored hearing women comedians talk about their craft…

  2. Lev Says:

    OK, I’m calling it: comedians aren’t funny. Comedy as a genre is forced and uncompelling, made more unconvincing by the elaborate efforts taken by these professionals to make us laugh. Comedy is to humor what porn is to sex.

    The funniest things in life are spontaneous… and free.

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