Defending Tennessee from the Specter of Islamic Rule

22:54 Tue 01 Mar 2011
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This is amazingly ridiculous: “Tennessee Jumps on the Anti-Sharia Bandwagon”. That’s right, Tennessee State Senator Bill Ketron has introduced a bill that essentially equates the practice of Sharia law with treason. While it might not pass, and if it did pass it would pretty clearly not be Constitutional, it’s really sad that it’s even been proposed.

The notion that Muslims in the US are actually some kind of threat to America is just ludicrous. Worse, the US has been through this kind of thing before; there was a big kerfuffle about whether or not Kennedy could uphold the Constitution while being a Roman Catholic, and of course going further back there were things like the Philadelphia Anti-Catholic Riots, in which you can clearly see many of the same dynamics at work.

It is sad and pathetic to see the same old crap trotted out again and again, particularly against a familiar backdrop of ongoing and evident class warfare from which fearmongering is a deliberate distraction.

On the other hand, the absence thus far of actual anti-Muslim rioting, and the ridicule to which this bill is rightly being subjected, do suggest that a substantial amount of progress has been made since then.

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