19:49 Sun 23 Jan 2011
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I can check off my first completed goal for 2011, to celebrate my birthday. I did that last night, and it was great, although I could have done with less alcohol… Thanks to everyone who came out! For all who couldn’t make it, I missed you, and I hope I see you soon!

I generally feel as if the year only starts in earnest once my birthday is over. I’m usually still adjusting to being back in San Francisco for the first few weeks of January (which is one of the reasons I’m often not so good at organizing my birthday), and because of its proximity to the holidays, my birthday feels like the last one of them. So it’s time to get going on what I want to accomplish this year. (One nice bonus of having “celebrate my birthday” as a goal is that, even though I’m just getting serious about my goals now, I’ve already accomplished one…)

One new birthday thing this year was a CrossFit WOD. While I did a workout on my birthday last year, this year I created a birthday WOD for myself, and Kat was kind enough to let me inflict it on the rest of the CrossFit KMSF crew yesterday. It included three things I couldn’t do when I was last a prime (or even more than 18 months ago), rounded off with a 400-meter run. It was three rounds of:

My time for it wasn’t all that great, 11:44, but I had fun running it, and most people seemed to like it… except for those who haven’t mastered double unders.

I’ve just decided to add another goal for the year, although the deadline for this one is my next birthday: to do this WOD in under 10:00. (And if I achieve that anytime soon, to do it in under 8:00.)

On the topic of CrossFit and goals, this being the end of my unofficial holiday period means that it’s time to start training in earnest. Sectionals isn’t far away at all, so it’s time to get back to eating properly, to start another Wendler 5-3-1 cycle, to add mobility work into my regimen (very tough for me for some reason), and to add some additional training sessions to my week (probably in the mornings).

That, and working on all the other goals in earnest as well.

4 Responses to “37”

  1. garret Says:

    Belated Happy Birthday and good luck with the goals.


  2. monsun Says:

    It should have been 373.7 m run… :)

  3. Tadhg Says:

    Garret: Thanks!
    Monika: Did you talk to Zac on Saturday night? The two of you apparently think similarly.

  4. monsun Says:

    No, but great minds think alike :) Though he is missing my obsessive level of precision…

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