The Jet Lag Zone

16:01 Sun 09 Jan 2011
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I’m not referring to a physical zone here, of course, but mental states can often feel like places. Especially when confusion is one of their hallmarks.

Right now this is a mixture of jet lag, sleep deprivation, and tiredness.

The desire to sleep competes with jangly nervous energy. Hunger comes and goes at odd times, competing with an aversion to the concept of eating anything right now.

Focus is extremely difficult to muster, as confusion and distraction join to lead thoughts off the path and into the forest to be eaten by wolves.

Entertainment loses color and becomes less compelling, so I end up switching between reading, video, browsing, and vacant half-dozing in an uninspiring cycle.

I don’t usually take anything for it. Some things make it easier, though, and one of those is exercise. So, time to run some 800s.

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