Self-Congratulation, CrossFit 26 x 5 Edition

07:35 Mon 20 Dec 2010
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Yesterday I did a CrossFit workout (“12min Cindy Isolation Chamber”) that was the fifth of the week, and that week was the 26th in a row in which I’d done five workouts. Six straight months of doing some workout five days of every seven. I did workouts in San Francisco, Portland, Pescara, Manchester, and Dublin (and Bear Valley Mountain, i.e. Tough Mudder). I ran them in sun, rain, mud, dark, and snow, indoors and outdoors, at gyms and in hotel rooms.

I made some good progress in that time, mainly in terms of strength; my bodyweight overhead squat and bodyweight clean and jerk being the most significant marks. My best week of the 26 was probably 15–21 November, when I beat my records for “Helen”, “Elizabeth”, “Isabel”, and the “Filthy Fifty“.

It’s been good. I intend to keep going.

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