300-Pound Deadlift

21:01 Mon 25 Oct 2010
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One of my goals for the year, and on Saturday I got it while doing CrossFit Total.

In fact I got 305 pounds, and it was pretty easy. First try, no real trouble with it. I went for 355 pounds, but that was a little too much, and after that my hip/back injury started complaining, so I stopped lifting—unfortunately, since I think I had a shot at 355 and would almost definitely have made 335. But passing the milestone of 300 is still an achievement.

That means 400 pounds is the next deadlift goal. Somehow, that doesn’t sound totally insane at the moment.

I also got past 100 pounds on the shoulder press for the first time, which I’m even happier about. I was sure that I’d get to 300 pounds on the deadlift relatively soon, but the shoulder press was something I didn’t make any progress on for quite a while, and I thought I might be stuck. Doesn’t seem like it, as I managed 115 pounds on Saturday.

I’ve made these improvements without much dedicated weight work, but last week I started doing just that, kicking off a cycle of the Wendler 5/3/1 system

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  1. Mike Says:

    Welcome to the 300 club! :-) I hope to not be a member for very long. 400 here we come!

  2. kevin Says:

    hell yeah tadhg! what were you pulling before you tried 300?

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