Alien Prequel

14:25 Tue 27 Apr 2010
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I really hope that Ridley Scott does a good job on the prequel he’s making. Answering the questions about the background of Alien could be absolutely fantastic.

The problem with answering questions like that, though, is that plenty of viewers have created their own backstories, not in the fan-fiction sense but less consciously, assembling a structure that for them makes sense around the plot presented. Any prequel (or other expansion) runs into the issue of creating a larger milieu that fits around not just the original but also some reasonable number of the viewers’ imagined extrapolations.

Here’s hoping that Scott can do better than a certain other influential 1970s science fiction director…

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  1. Zac Says:

    Technically, Alien vs. Predator is an Aliens (II) prequel. Terrible movie but having Lance Henricksen as Charles Bishop Weyland was a cool touch. Say what you will but it has a place in the franchise/canon.

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