Karl Heinz Kurras was a Stasi Agent

15:36 Tue 02 Feb 2010
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This is probably old news to people who follow German politics closely, but I just found out about it (via MetaFilter).

Karl Heinz Kurras was the West German police officer who killed student demonstrator Benno Ohnesborg in June 1967 during a protest against the Shah of Iran’s visit to Germany. This was one of the major radicalizing events of the period for the German left, and hugely influential.

Last year, evidence emerged that Kurras was a double agent working for the East German security services. I find that rather surprising, but I don’t think it actually changes much about the reaction to the shooting, or about responsibility for it; the West German authorities acted abominably during the period, and this doesn’t change that. (Incidentally, nothing in that last sentence should be read to imply that the East German government were not also acting even more abominably in the same period.)

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