Pure Cheese, with Sunglasses

12:45 Fri 02 Oct 2009
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Not real cheese, but the cheese of amazing overacting. I got this from my friend John Summerlot, and had to share it due to the sick fascination it engendered. It’s a compilation of David Caruso’s one-liners from the beginning of CSI: Miami episodes. (Note: I can’t stand CSI, or CSI: Miami, or the other offshoots, but that didn’t seem to impede the pull of this particular set of clips.)

The question is, can you be sure it’s cheese—
puts on sunglasses
when it’s served Miami-style?
exits left

2 Responses to “Pure Cheese, with Sunglasses”

  1. Seth Milliken Says:

    What really gets me is that none of the one-liners are even very good.

  2. Zeus Says:

    The repetition of cheesy lines remind me of an SNL skit, only with actual footage.

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