Friday Flash Games: Orisinal

14:19 Fri 25 Sep 2009

I came across Orisinal while browsing Play This Thing!, and I’m not sure what to make of their games. The first one I tried was Sunny Day Sky, which involves controlling the umbrella of an ambulatory teddy bear so that the bear can fly above cars and buses while avoiding flying ducks (I think they’re ducks). There’s just a single control—clicking the mouse button opens or closes the umbrella.

An exceedingly simple game, based on a single mechanic. It’s very cartoony, but its aesthetics are very polished. I was curious enough to look at some of the other games there.

All of the ones I looked at appeared to be in the same vein. “Cutesy” doesn’t suffice as a description. There’s one about controlling a rabbit jumping on bells in the sky. There’s a dog for all seasons, which is about controlling four separate dogs as they run from left to right, where you have to jump them over obstacles.

One was so over the top I suspected self-parody: The Crossing, in which you control a log that you move from side to side in order to help deer in a forest navigate a crossing.

They’re all very slight and very simple games in terms of gameplay, but it appears that for each the art direction and the overall aesthetic sense are extremely well done. It’s quite a different take on Flash games.

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