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07:00 Tue 11 Aug 2009. Updated: 10:21 13 Aug 2009
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Via BoingBoing, I came across quite a good article on information architecture and user experience design for social websites. If you’re at all interested in the area, I recommend it. There’s also a related wiki that seems to have a great deal of content on it.

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  1. 2BiT Says:

    Well useful…ta!
    My funding at the moment comes from an EU project to develop a Wiki for those working in the field of Ambient Assisted Living/Independent Living for older adults.
    One of the things we have to think about is how users will/want to access the information…how to divide up categories, where/when to link etc. Bit of a melter! Ya can check it out if ya follow my site link…it’s not riveting tho.

  2. 2BiT Says:

    Hmm…trying that again. notice ya can’t edit comments here either…i can’t unsay! :D

  3. Tadhg Says:

    2Bit: Glad you found that link helpful! I’ve corrected your site link, so it now goes to http://www.capsil.org/capsilwiki/index.php/Main_Page. Sorry about the lack of comment-editing capabilities, I think it’s a little unwieldy to add that and I’ve never been sufficiently motivated to do it…

  4. 2BiT Says:

    Just came across this n sort of thought it belonged here.

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