Attempted Photos of Grey Whale Cove

14:54 Tue 04 Aug 2009

Grey Whale Cove is a spot slightly north of Montara Beach, one of my favorite places to drive. Two Sundays ago I decided to get some shots of the area around Grey Whale Cove. Unfortunately, I’m a terrible photographer.

It was very foggy, and I thought some views of the coast in the fog would work well. However, I wasn’t watching the exposure, and everything was completely washed out. For example, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was taken in the Antarctic:

South cliff from Grey Whale Cove
It’s not. That’s not snow, that’s water. Water that’s been photographically rather overexposed, and the view is of the southern end of the cove.

This is a slightly more reasonable shot of the view looking north:

North from Grey Whale Cove, wide view
To the north, there was a great view of a building on a cliff emerging from the fog. Again, the exposure was all wrong, and instead of that view I got this:

North from Grey Whale Cove

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