Some Rémi Gaillard

23:47 Fri 03 Jul 2009. Updated: 02:51 04 Jul 2009
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I’m not sure why, but this Rémi Gaillard video strikes me as hilarious:

He has a couple of other ball-striking videos, as well as a whole lot of other videos, including live-action Pac-Man.

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2 Responses to “Some Rémi Gaillard”

  1. briang Says:

    Another point about the new one, as opposed to the other two, is that it was paid for by Nike and most likely Nike is also paying a company to push the views of it (e.g. http://feedcompany.com [not an endorsement, but I have used them]).

  2. Tadhg Says:

    The viral marketing aspects of these things are kind of sad. Inevitable, and in some ways maybe it means that cooler stuff gets out there, but it definitely takes the shine off somewhat.

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