Erfworld Book One

13:24 Tue 09 Jun 2009
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I mentioned Erfworld last year, and I thought I’d plug it again now that it’s moved to its own website and the first book is finished. I remain extremely impressed with it, and am eagerly waiting for Book One to come out in print form. It starts here, and is definitely worth the read.

Book Two is slated to start in the fall, and in the interim the creators are putting up written pieces (paragraphs of text with one picture) to cover the happenings between the two books. I haven’t been so impressed with those so far, but that doesn’t take away from the strength of the comic proper.

Also, The Order of the Stick has been amazing over the past year. I’ve gone from rating it below Erfworld to considering the two about even. I can see how it would be tough for a non-gamer to get into, but it’s really got a lot more than jokes about D&D mechanics and editions.

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