Pensecola Christian College Regulations

23:50 Mon 27 Apr 2009
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Pensecola Christian College, an unaccredited (except for nursing) university, has about 4500 undergrads, and they apparently have to abide by rather stringent regulations. Some excerpts:

Married personnel should refrain from physical display of affection realizing that our college students are not allowed to have physical contact.
—Bruce Gerencser, “Pensacola Christian College Rules and Regulations”, Bruce Droppings, 17 April 2009

Personnel should not participate in interactive dialogue on the Internet, either through chat rooms, social networking sites (i.e. MySpace.com) or other similar Internet features, unless they personally know all the other parties involved in the Internet session.
—Bruce Gerencser, “Pensacola Christian College Rules and Regulations”, Bruce Droppings, 17 April 2009

Perhaps the two strongest influences today causing worldliness in the Christian community are the impact of inappropriate activities on the Internet and Hollywood video movies. We expect our personnel not to be involved in such activities or watch movies rated PG, R or X, whether on cable, Internet, regular TV, video or DVD.
—Bruce Gerencser, “Pensacola Christian College Rules and Regulations”, Bruce Droppings, 17 April 2009

Cell Phones, Pagers, Palm Pilots, or Other Wireless Devices that utilize cellular or wireless technology for the purpose of receiving or transmitting telephone calls, pager messages, e-mail, Internet, or any other electronic message may not be used on the campus of Pensacola Christian College. Students may have a standard cell telephone (without e-mail or Internet service), provided it remains in their automobile.
—Bruce Gerencser, “Pensacola Christian College Rules and Regulations”, Bruce Droppings, 17 April 2009

…[C]omputers may not be connected to Internet or e-mail services including wireless services…
Computers may not be used to play CD or DVD movies. The content of all files, CDs, or DVDs must conform to PCC policy and standards noted elsewhere in this manual. PCC reserves the right to check the computer files on any personal computer on campus…
—Bruce Gerencser, “Pensacola Christian College Rules and Regulations”, Bruce Droppings, 17 April 2009

Public beaches–Students are not permitted to be at the beach where there are a number of other people.
—Bruce Gerencser, “Pensacola Christian College Rules and Regulations”, Bruce Droppings, 17 April 2009

That’s really like another world. The cult-like aspects are obvious, but I’m still surprised that some of it (particularly in reference to ensuring that students are highly constrained in their ability to communicate with people outside the university) is so blatant. They even gender-segregate their elevators and stairwells!

I think that I’m less disturbed by the existence of a place like this than by the existence of enough demand for a place like this that they have almost five thousand students.

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  1. jake Says:

    I definitley see where your coming from. But when your there its really not that bad. 90% percent of the rules are outrageous and most students will admit to it, but it creates a great atmosphere for Christians

  2. Shem Says:

    I agree with Jake. I was not segregated. I rode the elevators with about 4 or 5 other people and half were coed. We had no problem.
    Ya gotta admit. Hollywood movies are pretty raunchy and desensitizing.
    I have heard scores of people who were at the beach wish they could go to a beach where people wouldn’t gauk at each other. PCC seems to have tackled that issue rather well by at least addressing it.
    Actually they do allow computers to be on the internet. They just allow the opportunity to internet without 50 millin derrogatory things coming up on the screen inadvertantly and unintentionally, which happens to everyone eventually.
    Interactive dialogue? Note the key words “unless they personally know all the other parties involved…” Sounds like a good safe way to go to me. Stalker Prevention seems like a good common sense approach.
    Cellphones? puh. 99% of the people I saw on campus were texting back and forth on their phones while walking from one side of campus to the other, and over half of those had no car.
    I’ve found that more than half the biased nonsense on this page is not true or misrepresented. My guess is that it’s misrepresented just because they don’t have the same truth value system. What’s that tell ya?

  3. Tadhg Says:

    jake: if 90% of the rules are outrageous and the students know it, why does this make it a great atmosphere for Christians? Apart from the obvious problems with authoritarianism and concomitant opportunities for abuse, wouldn’t even a completely benign but sequestered “Christian environment” merely produce Christians who are able to refrain from sin only when they are denied opportunities to sin?

    Shem: if the rules stated that elevators must be segregated, but you rode in mixed-gender elevators, this leaves three basic options. a) the rules have changed; b) you and your co-riders were breaking the rules; c) the rules are unenforced or are selectively enforced and are only really there to present the image of a rigid “Christian” environment (which would be dishonesty on the part of PCC).

    If Hollywood movies are raunchy and desensitizing (which some may be), it does not follow that people should be prevented from watching them. If individuals seek to avoid those movies, and other unwanted exposure, then freely entering into a restricted environment is their right, although it seems that the appropriate institution would then be a monastery, not a college.

    I don’t know what internet you’re on, but on the one I use, I don’t unintentionally encounter frequent “derogatory” things. This may well be due to my use of a better browser (Firefox) and a general understanding of browser security—and it would be better to teach students about internet security than to simply filter their browsing experience centrally.

    Being forbidden to talk to anyone not known to you personally online isn’t merely “stalker prevention”; not everyone unknown to you personally online who tries to engage you in dialogue is a stalker (as this conversation fairly clearly demonstrates).

    Again, if the rules state that cellphone usage is only permitted in cars, but the rules aren’t enforced, that means that the students are breaking those rules and that the college is engaged in either deception (pretending to have stricter rules than it does) or selective enforcement (which is unjust).

    The content of this post is primarily composed of excerpts directly from the PCC rules and regulations. If it’s untrue, then either those rules are mendacious or they have since changed. Misrepresentation, on the other hand, implies that I have presented only excerpts that are at odds with the actual philosophy of PCC; since you’ve defended that philosophy (and the excerpted statements) in your post, I find it unlikely that you’re making that argument. Further, everything I’ve been able to find about PCC makes it clear that it does have a strongly paternalistic and authoritarian approach, which is reflected in the excerpts presented here—meaning they haven’t been misrepresented.

    You have alleged dishonesty and misrepresentation, and followed that with a remark about “truth value” that strongly implies that either I or Gerencser don’t have the same appreciation for the real truth that you do. Your allegations of dishonesty and misrepresentation are unsubstantiated, to say the least, and to follow that with a snide remark about relative appreciations for truth is both comical and ironically revealing of the shallow commitment to truth evidenced by your comment.

  4. Zack Says:

    This is appalling the way some are so bitter against PCC for ignorant and unjust causes.

    I attended PCC so I can speak from first hand experience. The rules are not only bearable, but hardly even noticeable to those who choose to just move on and not make a big deal out of them.

    They are not “cultish” by any means. A cult is an institution that attempts to force their standards and rules upon everyone else, expecting them to conform to their dogma. But this is not the spirit of PCC at all, and is only an exaggeration of by those who refuse to overcome their bitterness.

    Just yesterday in chapel, Dr. Mullenix, the vice-president of PCC, was speaking of PCC and the spirit of the college found therein, and then stated, and I quote, “…and for those of you who try to be the Holy Spirit for other students, just stop and get a life.”

    The VP said this to the entire student body. The college imposes nothing on the students, and they expect every student to search for truth on their own using God’s Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, the college MUST set forth their own guidelines and rules. Every institution, Christian or otherwise, must do this to function.

    The student is given the manual, is asked to read it, and is required to sign a pledge stating that they have read the manual and agree to abide by it if they wish to attend the college. Every student that has attended PCC has chosen, on their own volition, to impose the rules set forth by PCC’s administration on themselves. The last time I checked, PCC did not walk up to my door, take my arm, drag me to their college, and force me to sign the application. Every student has imposed these rules upon themselves, therefore one does not possess the right to complain. Get over your bitterness. The rules for 4 years of you life aren’t going to end your life.

  5. sexy Says:

    Yes, I understand that the faculty here at PCC is trying their best to teach us and allow us to mature in a selective environment. But the fact of the matter is that they are way overstepping their boundaries. Their responsibility is to provide the best education possible, which they are not doing because their courses are illogically right wing and are not even accredited. They are also responsibility to satisfy the needs of the student, because we are paying for this education. They don’t even care what the student thinks, unless it abides by their standards. They are not responsible for forcing maturity on the students, that is ours and ours alone. If we choose not to mature, that’s our choice.

    I have never seen so much discrimination in my life. People of all races are to come here, dress and act like conservative white middle aged people. No rap, hiphop, etc. music is allowed, only backwoods country gospel that eve uses banjos!!! They have many other rules against women, including no pants, they must go off in at least a group of 3 because Pensacola, FL is an “unsafe” area (which is NOT true. Pensacola has an EXTREMELY low crime rate. And even if it was unsafe, why would they have built a school in a dangerous area?), and women can’t even be enrolled in all the programs offered because it is the “man’s place.” Gay people are not allowed, and will be kicked out, INCLUDING everyone who knew about it and didn’t say anything. Real Christian, huh?

    The reality is there is anextreme likelihood that this school would be shut down or at the very least regulated if students would just stand up for themselves, and make their voices heard to the general populace. However, PCC will expel anyone for doing such a thing. I am making a plea for anybody, any newspapers, tv stations, politicians, please, help me, help us. Make the injustices PCC is doing to its students heard. Make this world a better place. As Pres. Obama said “Yes, We Can.” We can do this, but if one student makes their voice heard, they will be silenced by expulsion. BUT if a community calls for change in an overly-controlling school, I believe it can happen. And to the rest of those commenters who spoke positively of PCC (which were probably homeschooled or the child of a minister) GROW UP!!! You’re an adult now. It’s time you make decisions for yourself. You’re not going to be spoonfed for the rest of your life. Get over your weakness and do something.

  6. pastor G. Dwelley Says:

    it was my observation that those who complained about the rules were pointing out things that Christians should not be involved in anyway. Paul stated “avoid all appearance of evil”. the movies presented for our consumption today are horrible, the beaches are more like strip clubs, and the “gay” life style is rebellion against God. The proof is in the pudding they say so here is the “pudding. I have a pastor friend who I pray with every week. He is a PCC grad. If I wasn’t a pastor my self I would go to his church. He is Godly in every aspect of his life. (not perfect but certainly striving toward that goal.) as far as I am concerned he is living proof that those unbearable rules produce great fruit. God bless.

  7. Lukas Says:

    This whole situation is sick. The very essense of college is to learn about yourself and become your own person. To empose rules and regulations on you child by sending him or her to a place like this is oppresive and limiting. I think it is very sad to not allow your child to blossom into what he or she is, whether or not it is something you agree with. Your child needs the chance to experience things in this world and make their own mind up about their stance on issues. You cannot live your life through your child and take away their chance to live. Yes, they will make mistakes and yes they will learn from them but that OKAY. For the oppresive parents who say they allow their children to make their own decision- How would you react if they came home and told you they didn’t believe in God, or better yet, were another religion? Life is about being a good person and loving one another. You can’t make everything about being a Christian or following a set of rules. Just because a book has a fancy cover doesn’t mean it is worth reading. I accidentally stumbled upon this site and have been baffled since. I hope anyone who sees this reconsiders sending their child to a “university” like this. Let them be themselves, trust your parenting, and love them for who they are.

    My humble opinion

  8. sexy Says:

    Yeah. I totally agree w lukas. These people here just look at the surface. They are so superficial. If you don’t think or act like them, then your are in the wrong. No exceptions! Even in their political view. The Vice President of the college said President Obama (who I support completely, and don’t even try to hide it) is deliberately trying to bankrupt the U.S. Why would they say that? They don’t like him! And if you say you support anything from the democratic party, they will treat you like an outcast. Whatever they want to happen will happen. Arlin Horton is god here.

  9. Charity Says:

    “sexy”- Lets start at problem number one in your world. He is a Muslim. I not segregating but the Muslims have wanted to distroy America since day one because we are proof capitalism works. They attacked America September 11, 2001 and your going to support a man who is “close” freinds with their leader. Problem number two is the fact homosexuality is a SIN against the Creator. He made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Number three, rules dont create rebels, they expose them. If you dont like the rules dont go there. It is as simple as that. Number four is Arlin Horton is not God, in fact he is far from it. Last I checked God is perfect, Arlin Horton isnt. He is a man that more than likely has done something wrong in his lifetime. Everyone has including you, I mean you supported Obama, that right there is an abomination. Problem five is woman are commanded in the Bible to not wear that which pertaineth to a man. That eliminates pants! the true “injustice” is letting people like you run America, the “socialist”, and crushing opposition cause you want to be a couch potato for the rest of your life and accept government handouts that the true patriots of America give to the government in taxes. Lastly, Obama’s “Yes We Can” quote doesnt work cause he has yet to do anything useful for America. I fully supprt anyone who is willing to stand up for their standards, God, and the right things. Which you clearly arent. PCC is more godly than you can dream of.

  10. sexy Says:

    Wow. It’s people like this “charity” that are holding us back. From holding back women, homosexuals, any different religious philosophy, and this country under the excellent leading of Obama (which he has said over and over again that he is Christian!), you are really hurting our country. As far as I’m concerned, you are doing nothing for our country. And all for an archaic irrelevent book. Oh…and before you start pointing fingers and saying I want to be a “couch potato”, look at what I have done. I have started several charities, created an evacuation system for my hometown, I tutor many children for free, am actively involved in my church, volunteer frequently, and have spent much time doing humanitarian work in other countries, just to name a few. I want to spend my life helping people, and already have a job fo a non-profit organization. And I support Obama because he has vowed to help other people. Ideally, the government shouldn.t have to do this, but rather Christians. But so-called “Christians” choose not to help because they don’t care — they won’t follow Jesus’ example. Maybe you “Christians” are the real problems facing our country. Just step out of the way and let us proceed to a better future.

  11. 2Bad Says:

    Oh. dear. This is brilliant/terrifying! how did all these PCC heads find out about this post and get so keen to jump on it?
    Some amazingly ill-informed opinions here (in my own humble)…

    Still the ‘no pants’ rule made me laugh….pants refer to a different item of below waist clothing here. Sounds more like college to me :D
    Bunch o cults. What?!?!?
    I said cults…

  12. pepsicola Says:

    okay. im a girl and a senior in high school. i live in ohio and have been looking at colleges. unfourtunately i have to pay for my college on my own. I started looking at PCC because i heard they were a good, affordable christian college. i want to go into nursing and minor in music.
    I was told the rules were a little strict, but i was willing to accept it. i figured some basic rules like having to go to chapel, keeping the door open if a guy was in the room, and i thought if worse comes to worse i might have to clean out my ipod of any secular songs.
    i figured it would be worth it tho. it would keep me out of the party scene.
    i was so excited till today when i triedd to find the rules on the website. they are not posted anywhere.

    so i found them on another website. and i would like to know if this is for real
    i really cant have a cellphone to text my family back home?
    the whole pants thing? seriously? is that a joke? trust me boys’ minds’ wander more when girls wear skirts.
    basically girls and boys are separated all the time. how is that preparing them for the real world?
    and i would be living in florida but i couldnt have a bunch of people go to the beach with me? unless they were all girls and it was a private beach?
    and i cant go into the town on the weekends?

    it doesnt seem like they expect very good things out of their students. i mean, the rules leave no room for the young adults to make choices on their own and hold themselves accountable. its like a fantasy land.

    im very confused/ dissappointed. i guess thats why its so cheap to go there. i went to a christian school till 4th grade, and then was homeschooled on abeka books till 8th grade, and then i went to a public high school. i had a great gpa in high school, lots of friends, and lettered in sports all 4 years. ive went to church my whole life and started a worship team in my church.

    but those rules are messed up.
    i guess ill just pay 20,000 dollars a year to go to a party school in freezing cold ohio even though i dont drink. joy. haha

  13. Tadhg Says:


    I’m writing this as both email and comment because I suspect you’re not a regular reader of my blog and so might miss it otherwise.

    I think you identified one of the key points for you here:

    “the rules leave no room for the young adults to make choices on their own and hold themselves accountable”

    That is one of the most important things about the ethos of the school, and of institutions like it. By focusing on rules enforcement and coercion, they end up preventing individual responsibility.

    It sounds like you should have quite a few choices when it comes to picking your university. My advice for you would be to look around fairly widely when making your selection, and also to try to find somewhere you think you can find or create your own culture–not everyone who goes to a “party school” is a party animal, and it sounds like you should have faith in your ability to find your own way, so don’t worry overmuch about going to a school with that kind of reputation as long as it’s also got good courses in your field of study.

    One of the most important things about university is the exposure to varied ideas, and this is another key reason somewhere like PCC is inferior as an education–it explicitly rejects the idea of giving students access to a wide range of concepts and experiences. Go somewhere you’re going to learn a lot of things you don’t even know you don’t know.

  14. Melissa Says:

    I have a question. What rules apply to married students? I am not enrolled there yet. I heard that you are allowed phones on campus. My cousin goes there and she said that you can use your cellphones during certain parts of the day.

  15. Melissa Says:


  16. student Says:

    Ok, I would just like to say that I am currently a student at PCC and most of the things that are written at the top of this page are lies. Why don’t you people talk to a current student insted of posting lies about PCC all over the internet. Yes, there are rules, some of which are a little bit crazy sounding at times, but they are nothing like what these people are trying to portray. And yes, you can have a cellphone and you can use it anywhere, at any time as long as it’s not during class or church.

  17. Tadhg Says:

    student: It’s possible the regulations that were posted in the article I originally linked to (which is no longer available) were out of date. It’s also possible that the college has abandoned its attempts to ban cellphones and internet access.

    It’s also possible that there is significant divergence between the rules as you experience them and as they are written—in fact, I recall that this was one of the points of the original article, that the rules were so unrealistic as to be almost unenforceable. I address this point in my comment directed at Shem, above.

    “Posting lies about PCC all over the internet” is something of an overstatement; I posted on my own blog excerpts from another blog that were realistic-looking extracts from the PCC regulations. My understanding at the time was that the regulations were hard to acquire, and the Google search I just did for them turned up nothing that looks wildly different from what I posted. In addition, the college itself doesn’t appear to make its regulations available online, which strikes me as odd. Does your permitted use of a cellphone include unfettered internet access?

  18. Thrindel Sev Says:


    As a current Sophomore attending PCC, I can safely attest that the quoted rules from above are from a previous handbook. (Prior 2003). PCC’s most notable rule changes occurred in 2008. Most of these rules are out of date. In fact, they change the handbook every year, and it is only becoming less and less restrictive every semester. What is basically holding the school back, as of now, are the owners. Once the 90 year old president passes away (It is really sad thinking about it, and I don’t wish it on him), most of the archaic, old-fashioned rules will be done away with.

    Dr. Mullenix, the VP, has said (behind closed doors) that when he becomes the president of the college, he will wipe away many of the rules that make people draw ire. When this will happen, only God knows. But I expect a lot to change over the next few years.

    We are allowed to have cellphones anywhere, as long as we don’t use them in church or in class. If they go off in class, some teachers may write you up, but most are understanding and will just tell you to turn it off. Contrary to popular belief, the teachers are really top-notch at this school. Especially the Pre-Law, Political Science department. I can’t speak for the graduate assisstants, as I think they were all quite stupid. But the real professors are excellent in their field. And they want you to succeed. They don’t care so much for the rules.

    The Administration is the enforcer of the rules. And their pawns are the floor leaders (students paid by the college to make sure that rules are enforced, demerits issued, etc.)

    Most of the kids that are floor leaders are simply doing it (now) for the $400 paycheck every month. Most of them could care less about what you do, as long as it doesn’t get them in trouble. If you are smart, you can get around any of the rules. Just don’t be stupid about it and broadcast it to the world. It’s sad that it has come to this, but that’s just how it is.

    Guys have it easier then girls, simply because there are less… umm, how shall I say this..: there are less ultra-weird/gung-ho/rule-enforcing snobs in the male population. My girlfriend is often told to go change her skirt because it is too immodest. But whatever, sometimes she gets away with it, sometimes she doesn’t.

    It’s really hard to accumulate enough demerits to get kicked out. People would try to ask me for my identification number for breaking a rule. I would simply keep walking. They don’t know your name, and they’re not going to chase you down. Last semester, I stopped caring about following hygenic/bedtime/dorm rules. I stopped shaving, I didn’t cut my hair, I wore pants that didn’t pass as ‘dress pants”, I wore my bathing suit from my car all the way back to my dorm, I talked to my girlfriend in unchaperoned areas – and in all of these instances where I could have been written up, I wasn’t. Why? I don’t know. I only managed to acquire 54 demerits that semester, 25 of which were for skipping church … because I was in the Emergency room with a torn ACL. I could have contested it and had it removed from my record, but I didn’t really care. If you don’t get over 75 demerits in one semester, all previous demerits are done away with. You start each semester fresh with 0.

    So unless you are running around slapping girls butts and making out with them in front of faculty, you really have to TRY to get in trouble and get expelled. Now there are certain things that will get you kicked out instantly:

    1. Stealing. If you get caught stealing, you’re gone. And good for the school. I can’t stand thieves, and it shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere.

    2. Lieing can get you in trouble fast. One thing that some faculty will try to do is get you to lie about something. For instance, I used my ID card to get my girlfriend access to the cafeteria (she left her card in her dorm.) The people in charge of the cafeteria hunted me down and asked me if I swiped my card twice. They formed their questions in an effort to see if I would lie (which would be 75 demerits, as opposed to the 3 I would get for telling the truth.) It’s instances like this where you have to be smart about it, know what you are doing, and ultimately tell the truth. It will always save you a lot of pain.

    3. Porn. This one is pretty straightforward. Technically, you are not allowed to have games that are rated above E. Please, someone show me a game that is rated E. Lol? We would have guys of 12+ in the dorm room playing Call of Duty on our laptops. The floor leader would walk in and he (SHOULD) write us all up for 75 demerits. Instead, my floor leader would laugh and ask us if he could get in on a round.

    So games/music/ etc really depends on your floor leader. If you are a guy, you’ll have it easier. Girls? My girlfriend got in trouble for the music on her workout DVD… lol? So double standards definately abound. No hiding that.

    4. Mixed groups off campus. This is the big no-no at PCC. If there is one rule you do not want to break at PCC, it is this one. This is the Holy Grail. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT risk it. They find out, somehow, some way. I had over twenty friends get expelled last year.

    One of the common instances is this: Sexual tension abounds here. Bash the school all you want, but PCC has some of the most beautiful women around. For every guy, there are three girls. Not being able to touch them is a real killer. So what people typically do is this: they will rent a hotel room and meet there. They’ll get jiggy with it, then they will come back to campus and tell all their friends about it. Word will get out, and everyone involved in the scandal will be expelled. No questions asked.

    Now that’s a pretty reasonable offense. If you do that, your goose is cooked. But what the Administration does is they automatically ALWAYS assume that if you meet a member of the opposite sex off campus, you -are- having sex. And thus, you are expelled. Even if you just randomly go to McDonalds with a few girls.

    There are alternatives, however. I have family friends that live nearby. They are approved chaperones (it doesn’t take much to be a chaperone), so therefore PCC allows girls and guys to go over their house. I hung out there all the time last semester, with my girlfriend and everything. When parents visit, you can basically do whatever you want. Beach, shopping, eating, anything…

    So those are the main “BIG RULES” not to break. The school’s hard stance on many of the rules is a result of a previous student doing something BAD, and now the whole school has to suffer for it.

    Next, Dress code.

    It’s really not that bad. Girls get away with murder. Especially the foriegn chicks. T-shirts and skirts all day? Not fair. Guys have to wear dress pants and a polo to classes. Not too bad. Boat shoes work fine, and a lot of guys have no problem finding fashionable ways to stay in the dress code. Girls don’t have it too bad either. Wearing panty hose on Sunday is retarded. You’ll see all the girls wearing them…then as soon as they get out of the building, everyone tears them off.

    You don’t have to wear them on Sunday evening, which doesn’t make sense. Guys: Sunday morning, evening, and wednesday church service; you must wear suit/tie. or sports coat/tie. Getting dressed up to go to the Lord’s House is something I have always done, so I don’t mind it. Doing it in Florida, however, stinks big time.

    I expect that these rules are going to be the next ones to vanish. (Panty hose, suits on wednesday/sunday night).

    As for the internet filter? Oh gosh, do I hate it. As a History major, I love to research things online. I can’t do that there. So what did I do? I bought a smartphone. I plan on doing all my internet surfing on their next semester. My guess is this: the school will realize that it is losing the battle on the internet filter thing, so they will become less-stringent.

    If you actually think a website is okay (and it is blocked), all you have to do is click a “submit for approval” button and they will usually approve the website within a day or two. ESPN, Yahoo, all news sites, fantasy sports sites, etc- they are all available. It’s just that google images is blocked, as with many other similar picture-heavy sites. And with just cause. You can basically find porn through Google Images.

    One rule that absolutely ticks me off is the “one entree” per trip in the dining hall. Let me clarify, I’m a 200lb semi-bodybuilder. It’s my hobby there (the gym is great, I love lifting weights. I don’t have much else to do. That, and the beach.)

    I hate waiting in line to get a hamburger. Eat it. Then wait in line to get another. Actually, I just ignore this rule now. I’ve been written up once for it: 2 Demerits. So whatever.

    The reason they did this is because kids would pile their plate with steak or chicken, eat two bites of it, then throw it away. When you are serving an all-you-can-eat buffet with 7 different meal-types to choose from (all inclusive in a 7,000$ tuition), I can see why they would make that rule. But still. I’m like “Lady! LOOK AT ME! I NEED MORE FOOD THAN ONE SAUSAGE!”

    I mostly rambled on about all of this. And it’s probably very long and very hard to follow, but I was bored at work . Sorry to necro this thread. Hope some of this insight helps.

  19. Anna Says:

    So my husband and I both went to PCC. The reason we left was 1) at the age of 22 we weren’t allowed to get marrid. We had to get college’s approval on our marriage. Let’s see there was a girl with my name there so they use our socials to identify us. In other words I received all of her demerits and they refused to take them off. The best one yet, I was followed and send to a counciler to talk about how much I ate. This was my first semester at PCC and I was a work student who didn’t have time to go to dinner so I would eat in my room. However when I met with this counciler she was able to repeat my schedule to me, who I hung out with, when I did go to eat what I ate, etc. So yes I had to get out of therE.
    Then my husband was signed up in his advisor classes, this advisor then decided to fail him in all of her classes. Yes the advisor was fired, but PCC refused to let him ever graduate!
    And I was there from August 2007 to January of 2009.

  20. The End Says:

    There is no way for any of you to win this fight. Posting on this page is not going to bring enlitenment to either side. I personally am a Christian, however I will say this to ALL of you, Christian or not: THIS CONVERSATION IS POINTLESS. YOUR ON THE INTERNET ARGUING ABOUT KEY WORLDVEIW ISSUES IN CHEEZY ARTICLE COMMENTS. YOU WILL ACOMPLISH NOTHING. If you wanna make an actual difference in the lives of the people around you, stop arguing HERE and start changing the world OUT THERE.

  21. Andrei Says:

    I’ve been reading these posts, and “The End” you are right. This wont solve anything. I was a student there that did get kicked out…my last year….Was it right? At first I didnt think so, but I knew the rules. The point is this. . . Yes the rules are more tight than most places, and yes the super “Im better than you” christians, really give it a bad name…but remember that the students that attend, for the most part, know what they are getting themselves into. You cant produce pure gold without burning out impurities first. If youre up for the challange and have a humble spirit, PCC is wonderful…and the rules become more and more lax every year….

  22. Charlie Says:

    This is an old thread but I figured it needed some current perspective. Sitting right now on the campus at PCC having dropped my oldest son off for fall 2011. The campus is beautiful and the surrounding area is nice. Plenty of shopping within a mile or two in either direction off the main drag.

    1. I wanted my son to go to a local school but he really wanted to go here, so his choice.
    2. I see people dressed all different ways. Some boys in jeans and T’s, most in slacks and polos, girls in dresses and many in soccer shorts (going to PE classes?). Some people dress up some dress down and I don’t see anybody stopping them. There are a lot of cargo pants too (i.e. kaki colored jeans) so dressing comfortably doesn’t seem to be an issue here.
    3. Everyone has a cell phone and they walk around talking and texting.
    4. Kids can easily leave campus if they want just by getting a pass (we got my son a bike but many have vehicles). I like that system and think it keeps my son safe.
    5. I see boys and girls walking everywhere together and with the masses of kids I don’t see how you could possibly have boy/girl sidewalks. If there are segregated sidewalks or elevators I didn’t notice them.
    6. You don’t see and hear the garbage you see on most college campuses now adays. No cussing, no super mini shorts, no full body tatoos – and I say good riddance.
    7. I didn’t understand the “no breaks” thing at first and didn’t like it. But after being here I realized there are a TON of international students – and rather than have spring/fall breaks, thanksgiving, etc – they just compress the school year and have LOONG summer and winter breaks. I’m for it and the reality is that the international students would have no where to go during those breaks.

    Also – they are a year into their accreditation process which was my original hold out from letting my son come here. I wasn’t going to throw money away and to me if a school offers secular degrees, they should back it up with secular certifications and accreditation (even though it’s national, not regional). Their accreditation will be recognized by the government and the military so I’m good with that.

    Sending my son to Florida wasn’t my first choice, but if he is going to go away to school PCC is a more than acceptable option. They really seem to have struck a balance between rules and culture. The kids here look happy as larks, everyone is smiling and running around having a good time. I do notice that the kids are very friendly and for my son (an incoming freshman) I really like that.

    Oh – one other thing – I have seen a few “couples” holding hands. It’s not often and perhaps they are doing it on the sly – or who knows maybe they are young marrieds – but there is no ghestapo on the corning giving out tickets. What I am seeing is a very relaxed, up beat, and positive student culture. I have this sneaking suspicion that my son is going to have a blast here. He’s signed up for “sailing” for his PE class. Lucky guy.

  23. Charlie Says:

    Ha – another thing. Just posted a second ago for my son attending Fall of 2011. I just saw some student security riding their bikes across campus. They wear these UPS looking uniforms. Well get this. One of the three I just saw was a girl! And she was wearing knee length shorts (dark brown to match her light brown top). LOL. So – yea I have a feeling the rules have been relaxed here. Good for them. Congratulations PCC.

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