Fog and Sun around San Francisco

23:53 Sun 19 Apr 2009. Updated: 01:05 20 Apr 2009
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On Saturday Seth and his mother and I did some sightseeing. We’ve been having absolutely gorgeous weather recently, and we started off at Lafayette Park.

There, it was sunny and hot, as you can see from these photos:

View of the Bay from Lafayette Park

View of the sky from Lafayette Park

From there we headed towards Sutro Heights Park, hoping for a view down the coast. However, as we hit 30th Avenue, it was no longer gloriously sunny and warm, but instead foggy and chilly, and this was the view of the coastline:

View of the mist from Sutro Heights

We drove out again, and confirmed that the shift from fog to sun was a very sharp one. We then drove to Hawk Hill, where we saw the fog bank from another angle:

View of Golden Gate Bridge From Hawk Hill 1

View of Golden Gate Bridge From Hawk Hill 2

View of sailboat in the mist from Hawk Hill

Looking into the bay, it was mostly clear:

View of Alcatraz from Hawk Hill

Unfortunately, I didn’t get photos of what might have been the most spectacular parts: later on the way back from Muir Woods, going south towards the bridge on Highway One, we saw the fog rolling down the hills to our right as if propelled by some gigantic fan—it really looked like some kind of special effects setup. To our left, the bay was by then filled with fog. The Golden Gate Bridge was now entirely enveloped in mist, and so was grey and dull except for the middle, where for about two minutes we were in the section of mist that was being illuminated by the setting sun. We couldn’t see the sun, but the fog went from dull grey to this amazing golden rosy haze, with a quality of light I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

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