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22:33 Sun 05 Apr 2009. Updated: 14:19 06 Apr 2009
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I went to Point Lobos State Reserve with Niall Murphy yesterday, stopping at Monastery Beach on the way. I took some photos for the first time in quite a while.

Monastery Beach

View from Monastery Beach

I have a fondness for seagulls, hence this shot:
Monastery Beach Seagull

Point Lobos

Point Lobos 1

Point Lobos 2

Point Lobos 3

Point Lobos 4

Point Lobos 5

Point Lobos 6

It was an absolutely gorgeous spot (thanks to Monika for suggesting I take Niall there!) and my photos do it no justice whatsoever. On that note, the trip and my review of the about 350 photos I took remind me how little I know about photo composition—by far the best-composed shot of the above is the sixth, “Point Lobos 4”, and that composition was essentially done for me by Niall.

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  1. Peter Cox Says:

    Looks like a nice spot, Tadhg. I also think that “Point Lobos 2″ has promise if you were to straighten it and crop out a bit of the foreground.

  2. g man Says:

    “I have a fondness for seagulls” – I suggest a nice tub of whale tallow ( ask a japanese friend) and a copy of Alfred Hitchcocks “The Birds”. According to seagullsluts.com, Its cheap and a great night in.
    I also suggest http://www.seagulldate.com
    or http://www.meetseagullfriends.com


  3. g man Says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation = censorship

  4. Kai Says:

    I do love Point Lobos. One of my favorite places to dive in California.

  5. Tadhg Says:

    Peter: straightened and cropped that shot–thanks!

    Garret: One of the wonderful things about having friends is that they’re always willing to share their handy tips on all kinds of subjects. Also, relevant to both your comments, not everything that prevents you from achieving instant gratification is authoritarianism in action.

    Kai: Diving must be great there… who knows, maybe I’ll try it at some point!

  6. Kevin Teljeur Says:

    I’ve been following blogs again recently, including yours, and it’s great to see that nothing has changed; including Garret’s commenting style and pre-occupation with freedom to indulge poor impulse control.

    Excellent! On the other hand, how you can have a fondness for seagulls is beyond me. They are aggressive, vindictive, unintelligent and did I mention aggressive?

  7. Kevin Teljeur Says:

    Oh, and Garret? Oddly my comments don’t seem to have to await moderation… Strange, that.

  8. Tadhg Says:

    Kev: my fondness for seagulls is largely sentimental, and doesn’t involve much desire for physical proximity… making Garret’s tips somewhat less helpful for me.

    As for why you didn’t go through moderation, it’s because you used the same email address and name as a previous, accepted, comment, whereas Garret decided to change his moniker to “g man”.

  9. Kevin Teljeur Says:

    Yes, I know, Tadhg. This was an exercise in winding up Garret based on his lack of knowledge of simple moderation systems. I believe that you know that I’m well aware of how it all works.

    You are becoming like the seagulls. O halp.

  10. G man Says:

    Kev shouldn’t you be running around in the rain or indulging some other care in the community programme.

    And you Tadhg are a seagull enthusiast. A loner stalking the piers late at night, also known as a “falafel” in the gull community. Here in the avian underworld you prey on young gulls, your trench coat pockets full of herrings.
    A typical Friday night begins you asking some desperate gull to “place the hummus in my pita” then perhaps if you ve taken lots of viagra you pay extra for a young puffin to join in. You exploit their good nature, its time tadhg, time to come out, time to stop being a seagull sex tourist. Your habit is out of control. Step away.

    Your friend – Garret aka g man
    And you Kev, you should know better, you are only proping him up.

  11. G man Says:

    Watch this clip you can very clearly hear Tadhgs voice in the background, high pitched with excitement.

  12. Kevin Teljeur Says:

    What kind of man, what drives a person, to type ‘seagull sex’ into the YouTube search box? What man could do such an act and not feel a deep shame at his actions?

    I believe that there is an answer, and we, upon reading all of this, know that answer.

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