xkcd on Dreams

23:51 Mon 16 Mar 2009
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I don’t remember seeing this xkcd before. I like it.

(In my current mental state, however, I’m unable to not note that the message of the comic is a hell of a lot easier to act on when your status or privilege is above a certain level, and that horrifically, there are still lots of people on this planet for whom the first panel’s advice actually makes a great deal of sense if you replace “when a future employer” with “who”. For the majority of people who are likely to read this, though, the overall message likely holds.)

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  1. Eoin Says:

    I have this printed out and stuck on the wall in my study. It is, obviously, very difficult to “live”…especially with a family, a mortgage, a job etc…but it is important to be reminded of it from time to time…. to remind you to -make- time for new things rather than finding excuses to not. Among other things.

  2. Luscious Blopster Says:

    liked that comic a lot. identify with it way too much. far more than say 3 years ago. jobs are scary things. definitely an important message. doing the same things every day i think is less of an issue as i do lots of different things some days, but the holding back because of fear – definitely a problem. thanks for linking to the comic. xkcd. they are, indeed, great.

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