Renouncing the Sin of Onan by T-shirt

23:04 Thu 05 Feb 2009
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This is another one of those occasions where I can’t believe it’s not parody. But, no.
Ex-Masturbator T-shirt

There really is a “Passion for Christ Movement” (not so surprising), and they really do have these T-shirts, with the following launch headline:

It’s funny, of course, but underneath it all there’s a real and disgusting message, a message that aims to make sexuality shameful, and to control people via that shame and repression. Still, at least in this instance the believers look like complete idiots.

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One Response to “Renouncing the Sin of Onan by T-shirt”

  1. Lev Says:

    I think you misunderstand the message. This attractive couple is advertising their highly satisfactory (and no doubt highly sinful) mutual sexual activity!

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