New Blog Functionality: Related Posts

23:37 Sun 01 Feb 2009. Updated: 16:31 10 Feb 2009
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Having revived my proper blog and transferred my content over, I’ve now started adding improvements, some of which I’ve been wanting to add for quite some time. The first one is a list of related posts on the individual post pages.

I used to have a spot there for similar content, but it merely fetched posts that had some tag in common with the current one. The new version selects ten posts ordered by a) the number of tags shared with the current post and b) by date (newer first). That’s a significant improvement for browsing around, and with links to both related and random posts, I think that it makes the content on the site significantly more discoverable (which is increasingly important as I add more of it; WordPress counts 919 posts on the site, not including this one).

Those of your reading on RSS feeds won’t get much benefit from it, but I might try to add its functionality into my feeds sometime soon.

I found the process of writing it interesting, and learned a small SQL pattern that I think is interesting, but that’s something I’ll blog about another time, probably when I release the functionality as a plugin.

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