Blog Move Steps, Part Two

22:30 Mon 26 Jan 2009. Updated: 16:46 28 Jan 2009
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I continued working on the blog move today, and most of the tricky database-related steps are done.

I didn’t realize that the new version of WordPress had import/export capabilities from other WordPress installs, so I did the database import myself with manual MySQL.

That meant importing the current blog’s post and comment data into separate tables, modifying the post and comment counts for them to ensure that the IDs didn’t conflict, and then inserting them into the new blog’s tables (which were at that point the modified old blog’s tables…). That worked out fine; I expected problems and didn’t encounter any (at least, none that I’ve noticed so far).

Importing the tag data from Ultimate Tag Warrior turned out to be quite easy: there’s an import tool in the Tools section of the current WordPress that just does it for you. This went smoothly also, another pleasant surprise.

A small but critical step was bringing my .htaccess file over from the old blog. I could also have pasted the code in from the permalink section of the admin pages and only lost a few of my early anti-spam attempts (blocking certain IPs from posting). The key part of the .htaccess file is the section that ensures that URLs like http://www.tadhg.com/wp/2009/01/25/blog-move-steps-part-one/ result in the right page loading.

So that’s all been fairly smooth. The final steps are 1) get my old theme to work and 2) get the DNS switched over. The former may be difficult; the latter is mostly a formality. As I said yesterday, I’ll put up a post about the DNS switch before I do it, to try to ensure that there aren’t any RSS feed problems.

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