Blog Move Steps, Part One

23:53 Sun 25 Jan 2009. Updated: 16:46 28 Jan 2009
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I spent time today working on moving this blog to a new home, while also combining the articles from the old (real) blog and from this temporary one, and upgrading my version of WordPress in the process.

It went relatively well, with a bunch of minor annoyances to slow down what should be a fairly simple procedure. So far:
I created a new WordPress install on the new server.
I dumped the old site database and imported it to the new server.
I imported the old site database dump and upgraded it into the new install.
I dumped this site’s database as an append-only dump (no CREATE_TABLE lines).

There, however, is where the progress stopped, because the next step involves appending this site’s data to the old site data, and there are id field conflicts—because this site’s WordPress install had no idea that it should start at post #560 (or whatever) instead of post #1, it has posts with the id value of 1, and similar issues for the other tables. That shouldn’t be too hard to work out; I’m hoping it doesn’t require much manual intervention.

I also had random data transfer problems while moving some of the database dumps around; this is the kind of thing that always seems to happen when you’re doing things in practice.

I’m hoping to get through most of the tricky steps tomorrow, and will likely report on them then. I’ll give explicit warning about any moves that might affect RSS feeds or other access before I make the final DNS-based moves.

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