Well Past the Warhol Limit

18:43 Sun 11 Jan 2009. Updated: 16:49 28 Jan 2009
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Some things I just don’t get. I understand why Samuel Wurzelbacher got his initial fifteen minutes of fame, but I have a lot of difficulty comprehending how he still gets media coverage to spout inanities like this:

Yes, I’m aware that by writing this I’m giving him more coverage, in a sense, but my influence is unlikely to keep him in the media spotlight, and I really want to know why he’s still getting any kind of coverage at all. I know that he’s now a “war correspondent” for Pajamas Media, and I wonder about that too—are they using him precisely because he’s so likely ot really annoy people? Is it that, given a dearth of articulate and credible spokespeople for their pet causes, the fallback plan is to get the most outrageous spokespeople instead? Is this also the reason that Sarah Palin has such popularity amongst the right-wing core supporters, and is she going to be the Republican candidate in 2012 partly because of the fact that her opponents can’t stand her?

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