Spam Tsunami

23:18 Tue 29 Jul 2008. Updated: 18:06 28 Jan 2009
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I know that on Friday I wrote ‘Spam Wave’, but it turns out that it didn’t stop Friday, and it didn’t stop at “several thousand”.

Instead, at last count (yesterday afternoon), I had received over 66000 spam backscatter emails. That’s not a typo.

That was enough to knock over my server, and to stop IMAP from working, and even to stop mutt from being able to load the inbox.


So, my mail is in a terrible state again, and I need to go through a bunch of steps to extricate myself from the situation… none of the steps are that hard, but right now I have rather a lot of other things to do, and this ain’t helping. Needless to say, if you’re expecting an email from me, it might take a while. In fact, if you’ve sent me an email anytime in the last two months, you’re probably still waiting for a reply, because I seem to only have had fully operational email facilities for about two weeks of that period, and have had rather a lot of other stuff to handle. My apologies if you’re still waiting for a reply, but I’ll get there eventually (and hopefully soon).

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