Wells Fargo ATM UI Design

18:08 Tue 10 Jun 2008
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I noticed earlier this year that Wells Fargo ATMs had a new user interface. I was quite skeptical of it at first, partly because it was quite different and I’d gotten used to the old interface, and partly because I tend to believe that many redesign efforts end up providing worse usability than the prior design (I’m an optimist, clearly).

However, since then I’ve noticed that the design is really a lot cleaner, and apparently simpler and easier, than the old one. One significant improvement was very simple: increase the size of the buttons on the screen. The user has to touch them, after all, and there’s no reason not to use as much space as possible for them.

The contrast between the buttons and the rest is quite strong, too, making it difficult to miss a button or to mistake a button for something else. This article about the UI redesign is quite interesting to me, given what I’d noticed about that UI myself.

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