Joe Frank and After Hours

17:06 Tue 27 May 2008
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This was on BoingBoing, but I wanted to post a link to it anyway, partly because it’s definitely worth listening to the audio of Joe Frank’s original monologue, which was plagiarized for the beginning of Scorcese’s After Hours.

The audio is about halfway down that page.

I haven’t seen After Hours in years, and for some reason it’s one of those films whose titles I completely forget, making it difficult to find when I remember that I want to watch it again. If I recall correctly, the film’s atmosphere of bizarre, unrelenting disaster is somewhat different from the poignant despair at a creepy and bizarre world that I get from Frank’s original. Frank’s piece strikes me as somewhat misogynist, although it’s hard to tell misogyny from misanthropy in this instance, and in any case I still think it’s worth listening to.

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