Chunk of Beginning

17:24 Mon 12 May 2008
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I don’t really know what this is, apart from looking like the start of a fantasy story, but it fell into my head, more or less in one piece, this morning:

I was four years old, and didn’t really understand, but the lightning remains vivid. I don’t remember my father distinctly, at that moment of his death or otherwise. I don’t remember the mage’s face or even the color of his robes. In my mind’s eye they are unfocused figures, and between them is the lightning, so stark, so bright, so unnaturally blue.

My memory tells me that it was darker blue at the edges, lighter in the middle, and that it started as a solid wave before breaking into six tendrils, each terminating at the body of my father.

I’m sure about the color.

The memory also has no sound except for the crackling. No screams, no incanting, no burning. No smell of burning either, or of home, just the strange smell of electric discharge.

That was twenty-six years ago, and now I have caught a glimpse of the shadow cast by his killer.

3 Responses to “Chunk of Beginning”

  1. Lev Says:

    Sounds promising! I want to read on!

    Incidentally, I think you’ll greatly enjoy this:


  2. Eoin Says:


    Think harder(less?), Flow and write more! nods nods

  3. Tadhg Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, hopefully I can figure out more of this story at some point! Lev, I haven’t gotten to that story yet, but I’ll try to find a spot to listen to it.

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