The Order of the Stick and Erfworld

22:37 Sun 04 May 2008
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High Geekery, this. Webcomics, one about a band of D&D characters rendered as stick figures, the other about a wargaming geek sucked into another dimension… I discovered both of them quite recently, despite friends who are into The Order of the Stick and the fact that Erfworld appears to have garnered critical acclaim.

The Order of the Stick is good, and amusing. Certainly compulsive enough to read through all five hundred and fifty-three pages…

Erfworld, however, strikes me as something more. It manages to be fun, quite ridiculous (just one example, Peeps-like creatures are some of the flying mounts in the comic world), but also pulls you in dramatically. It’s like a meta-referential version of the story of Hile Troy, only taking itself rather less seriously. Despite how ridiculous it (intentionally) is, it still manages to pull the reader in. Recommended.

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  1. Niall Says:

    I find that I care about the characters in OOTS, which is … unprecedented.

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