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21:54 Tue 15 Apr 2008. Updated: 23:33 15 Apr 2008
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I did my taxes today, naturally on the last day possible. I intended to do them with the paper forms as usual, but problems with the PDF forms for the California filing pushed me, finally, to do them online.

California has a way to fill out the “EZ” form online, run by the state government. That makes a lot of sense, and I hate the fact that at the Federal level the IRS doesn’t do the same. It seems really clear that the more people file electronically, the more money the IRS saves, since electronic processing must be much quicker for them. Secondarily, it makes it easier for individuals to file. My strong suspicion is that there’s political pressure coming from the various commercial filing entities to hinder the development of easy and free electronic submission.

In any case, the California one worked pretty well, and then I finally bit the bullet and did my Federal taxes using TurboTax. I used their free online version and was quite impressed by it, but have my usual paranoia about giving them my financial information.

Overall, once I decided to file online it went rather smoothly.

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