Powers is Addictive

19:16 Tue 01 Apr 2008
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I’ve been reading Powers again, because trade paperback #11 finally came out (I picked it up at Isotope, which seems like quite a cool store) and the damn thing is just as addictive as ever. 11 books in, and it still leaves me demanding more as soon as it’s done.

Given that I couldn’t get any more without buying the individual issues, something I’m extremely resistant to doing, I went for the next-best thing and re-read what I had already. First I had to get the first one back from my brother, and then, well, got totally sucked in.

I think there’s a serious strain of the soap opera to it, which might be inevitable in anything running for that long. I think it’s quite an achievement that they’ve kept the tension (not necessarily sexual) between Christian and Deena going for that long, and it still hasn’t been resolved.

So, having finished the re-reading, of course I craved more information. I went looking online for it, assuming that there’d be some highly-developed community around it with tons of resources and speculation.

If there is, I can’t find it. There’s a pretty cool site based on the tabloid from the series, but it doesn’t have much meat in terms of info. I was expecting a wiki and an active discussion board at the very least, because it seems to me that there’s more than enough in Powers to support that. I’m quite disappointed to find that it’s not there.

Of course, the next impulse on my part is to create it. Start writing character synopses, summarize the various story arcs, start getting into timelines and trying to identify the various powered individuals that get interviewed by Deena and Christian, etc. It’s pretty damn tempting, actually. So much so that although I started this paragraph fully intending to dismiss it as a silly idea, now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t start down that path.

Madness, really. Especially since I haven’t finished the AFBH project. Nor started on the plan for my second novel. Nor put together the PDF for the second draft of my first one—although that’s something that I could do rather easily now, since my computer situation has improved.

Anyway, you should be reading Powers. Further, you should read it and then write the summaries and synopses and speculations I mention and put them online. Get to it.

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