Who is IOZ?

23:59 Fri 01 Feb 2008. Updated: 05:14 02 Feb 2008
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Short post tonight, recommending Who is IOZ?, a political-commentary blog that may be the height of snark.

IOZ is an anti-statist but not (as fra as I can tell) a libertarian in the guns’n'ranches mode, and displays no misguided faith in any of the institutions we’ve put together to shackle ourselves those untrustworthy others.

In particular I recommend the following.

This demolition of Toni Morrison’s endorsement of Barack Obama (note: I quite like Morrison’s writing, and will do both her and I the favor of not considering her endorsement letter as part of her literary works).

This critique of a New Republic hatchet job on Irène Nemirovsky (I’ve never read any of her work).

This shooting-of-fish-in-a-barrel dismissal of the critics of “new atheism”.

There’s a lot more good stuff there. I think that my rising political discontent might have a lot to do with why I gravitate more to IOZ’s posts at the moment, but it could also be an excellent destination for an accurate depiction of the zeitgeist.

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